uninitialized dynamic port ‘ReplenishmentOrchestrations.Main

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      uninitialized dynamic port ‘ReplenishmentOrchestrations.MainProcess.StoreOrderStatus’

      how do i initialise a dynamic port? what does uninitialized dynamic port means???????

      any help appreciated !!!!!!

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      You need to initialize a dynamic port by at runtime providing the address to which you want to send the message (that’s the purpose of dynamic ports). You do this from an expression shape before you send the message to the port, like this:

      myPort(Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address) = \”http://www.winterdom.com/whatever\”

      Where myPort is the name of your dynamic send port. The example above initializes it to send a message via HTTP, but the exact string will depend on the adapter you want to use to send the message.

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