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      Not sure, I guess I have never looked.

      I know in 2006 if you remove it using the Admin tool it does not un Gac the code. I would guess 2004 is the same.

      The key is all the configuration information is removed from the BizTalk database.

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      Yes, it does. Here’s a problem I used to have.

      I was on my machine, then I would deploy to remote MachineX.
      Then I would undeploy. But later I would try to run some orch’s on my machine and they would fail for missing load modules.

      So they point is, that the Deploy/Undeploy does GAC/Un-GAC, but only on your machine. If you are doing a remove deploy/undeploy, be careful, especially of the undeploy. To deploy, you must manually GAC the .DLLs.

      Currently, I’m using some NANT scripts to deploy to my remote MachineX. The basically copy the .DLLs, GAC, and restart Biztalk, all with the click of a single button. However, I typically just move the .DLLs, and don’t do a full deploy/undeploy, which usually works as long as we don’t change the schema layouts. It can cause issues in the HAT Orch debugger (shapes missing), but it’s so much easier!


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        Within Visual Studio, if you use the \”undeploy\” option for an assembly in the BizTalk Configuration Database, does it also remove it from the GAC?


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