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      I have been tasked with getting up to speed with Biztalk and evaluating it for some of the processes at my company. I have gone through Microsoft’s 2006 tutorials and am currently trying to write an orchestration for one of our new processes. It is pretty simple. I am just trying to take a csv file and convert it to XML within a pipeline using the flat file disassembler. I am getting this error:
      \”Unable to match the data in the input stream\”

      Is this telling me that the format of the csv file is not matching my XML schema? Also, in trying to debug this error, I am looking at the Health Monitor, but my schema is not showing up. I see the schemas from the tutorials, but not mine. Any help is appreciated.


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      Usually I’ll see that type of error when I send in a Flat File and it’s expecting XML. You might want to double check your Receive Pipeline. Make sure it is set correctly. You will need a custom pipeline using the Flat File Disassemblier that’s using your Flat File Schema.

      Oh, also make sure your schema is defined as a Flat File Schema. I have some samples and a video that covers more advanced Flat Files – but they might help to look at.

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        I am using a Flat file disassembler (using a flat file schema) to receive an EDI file but I get the error “Unable to match the data in the input stream”. Other blogs suggest

        1. Change encoding to UTF-8

        2. Change parser optimization on the schema to Complexity  

        3. Change look ahead depth to 0

        I tried all of these but I still get the error. Please help.


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