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      we are using sql adapter of type receive we are polling data from a database after each 3 minutes but data comingg has multiple records in result set

      for eg we are using a query

      select orderid from a tablename where someflag = ‘0’

      so we are getting multiple records

      so we are breaking them using a scope type and a loop inside it

      we are requring scope because to break message into individual records we have used a enumerator which is not serializable so in scope with transaction type atomic we are able to do

      but in that scope we are not able to use a sqladapter of request response type because atomic transaction are not able to handle it

      so each breaked individual record we are sending to next orchestration to give input to sqladapter of type send but it does not work

      in next orchestration if message is given to a folder it goes correctly but to sqladapter it is not going

      is approach correct

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      Your approach seems fine. The key is to break up the message into single messages before you process them.

      You could also look at using a Convoy to process the received messages one at a time. This, along with an Envelope on the Receive Pipeline to break up the message can be a good solution without an atomic scope.

      I have several samples of Convoys on this site and well as a lot information on de batching.

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