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      in my program i am using multiple sql adapters to retrieve data from one db and insert into other db

      and then combining orchestrations for each sql adapter

      my one db is on different sql server

      after deployment

      no error comes

      but warning

      ‘New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator’

      comes and nothing happens

      HAT i\\also do not show anything

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      1) Go to the machine where SQL Server is running.
      2) Go to Admin Tools
      3) Component (COM) Services
      4) Expand Component Services down to \”My Computer\”
      5) Right click properties.
      6) Click tab MSDTC
      7) Click button \”Security Configuration\” at lower left
      8) Check \”Network DTC Access\” and \”Allow Remote Clients\”
      9) I’m not positive, but might also have to check:
      Allow Inbound, Allow Outbound, No Authenticiation Required
      (might have to Google for exact settings)
      10) Click OK, OK
      11) Might have to stop/start MSDTC (right click on \”My Computer\”)

      Neal Walters
      http://Biztalk-Training.com – Video Tutorials

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