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      Hello guys,
      Am working with an orchestration, which acceses a servicedcomponent class. I have to fix a bug in it.
      I need to know the reason for why they are using a servicedcomponent inside an orchestration?

      Waiting for a reply


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      I think you’ll need to talk to the person who wrote the component but usually I’ve seen this when I had older VB 6, C++, etc code that must run as a COM+ component. i.e. not .net code.

      Hope this helps.

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        One very useful case to use a ServicedComponent from an orchestration is to ensure transactional calls. If the component is marked as supporting transactions, and it is called from an atomic transaction scope in the orchestration, biztalk will make the scope into a DTC transaction and run the .NET component inside that same transaction.

        Maybe that is what they are doing. Or maybe they depend on a different COM+ service. Maybe they are doing it just so they can execute it inside a Server COM+ application running under a particular identity (i.e. for security reasons) and so on.

        As Stephen says, you’d need to ask whoever created it; I just wanted to point out that there are perfectly good reasons for using EnterpriseServices.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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