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      I want to receive files with some meta-data in Biztalk 2006 and send them via e-mail using the SMTP adapter and a dinamic port. I have read some information about attaching local files but how can I attach a file that I have inside a message as an anytype record?.

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      The simplest way is to use an orchestration, accept an untyped message (System.Xml.XmlDocument), send this message setting the [b:90e299c346]Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address[/b:90e299c346] property on the send port.

      You will need a custom pipeline using the MIME/SMIME encoder and set the [b:90e299c346]BodyAsAttachment[/b:90e299c346] property on this component

      If yoiu wish to get more complicated and add a body to the email then I suggest you read the following Biztalk 2004 docs – all the info here is still relavent for Biztalk 2006.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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