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      The Z: looks kind of suspicious. Did some create the schema or import a schema from a mapped drive, and you don’t have the same mapped drive on your computer?

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        I generated a schema for a wellformed XML document in BizTalk 2006.
        I’d like to use this schema (well, in fact 2 schemas with one importing the other) in BizTalk 2004. However, when validating the original XML document, I get an error message :

        [quote:bcae7a6e62]error BEC2004: Cannot load schema for the namespace ‘http://namespace2’ – Could not find file \”Z:\\ … \\InvoiceAdditionalNL.xsd\”.. An error occurred at file:///Z:/INVOICE.XML[/quote:bcae7a6e62]

        So this seams to be a problem with the second namespace in te schemaLocation attribute when validating in BTS2004. The schemaLocation in the XML document is as follows:

        [code:1:bcae7a6e62]<Invoice xmlns=\"http://namespace1\"
        xsi:schemaLocation=\"http://namespace1 Invoice.xsd http://namespace2 InvoiceAdditionalNL.xsd\">[/code:1:bcae7a6e62]

        When I remove the schemaLocation, the document validates fine. In BizTalk 2006, the original XML document validates without any problems.

        Anyone who knows how to fix this, or knows a workaround? I receive the documents with the schemaLocation specified as above.



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          Thanks for the replies.

          The Z is where the project is located. It’s a mapped drive, I use BTS2004 in a VPC image since BTS2006 is installed on my laptop.


          At this time I just validated the document from Visual Studio.
          However, I deployed the schema (using default XMLReceive pipeline) and this works without problems!
          Strange that Visual Studio behaves different from the actual implementation.

          Thanks for you help,


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      The xsi:schemaLocation attribute on the incoming message provides hints of where to find the schemas. Biztalk is looking for Invoice.xsd and InvoiceAdditionalNL.xsd in the default directory.

      How are you validating the Xml document?
      Are you using the Xml Validator pipeline component?

      Can you get the xsi:schemaLocation attribute removed from the document.

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