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      You have given a sample named [b:0b5e98627d]SampleEnvelopes[/b:0b5e98627d] in your Samples of Biztalk server 2004. This sample shows how to use an envelope to de-batch a larger Xml message.

      I have run this sample and got a proper result as you have suggested. So i have created same project as you have given and created two schema, one consists of envelop and another simple one. Also promoted a fields in both the schema as per your sample.

      But got error when put .xml file in input folder. This error is as follows:
      The file adapter is suspending a messge coming from source URL \”c:\\Sample\\In\\*.xml\”.
      Details : Could not find a matching subscription for the message.[/b:0b5e98627d]

      How i can solve this error? Have you created any pipeline to debatch xml message coming through incoming pipeline?

      Thanks in advance.

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      The no matching subscription means no orchestration or send port has subscribed to the message being published by the receive port.

      There could be a number of reasons for this.

      Are you using a Send Port or orchestration to process the incoming message/s

      If you are using a send port what filters have you set.

      If using an orchestration
      [list:bc1cb8dd4d]Is it bound to the receive port
      Has the orchestration been enlisted and started
      What is the message type being received by the orchestration is it an envelope or message[/list:u:bc1cb8dd4d]

Viewing 1 reply thread
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