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      Hi, I find the articles on this web site are very interesting and educatif. I have lost a lot of time trying to understand some details which I understood in 60 minutes on this web site. Thanks for you guys.
      Now, I ran the exe;mple in reference, it works fine and debatches the large xml files to severl xml files conatiaing. But when I change the call ffor the getstream shape from
      ProcessStream = new StreamHelper.ProcessStream(Input, \”Body\”);
      ProcessStream = new StreamHelper.ProcessStream(Input, \”Body\”, 10, \”<Start>\”, \”</Start>\”);
      I rebuild, redeployed several times without success.

      There is also something I can not understand (may be becaus e I am mot so intelligent or dont know very well property schemas) is : what is the use of the \”PropertySchema1\” and why it is callled inside the Streamhelper. I read the BT help files but really didnt understand very well. So is it possible if you can describe what the following line does functionnally to the message :

      I would highly appreciqte your help

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      Not sure why it’s not working. Is the case correct on the Xml you are passing in? Is there a namespace?

      I might not have tested it very well either It’s possible I have a bug in the code.

      To your second point, there is no use for the property I promoted. I just wanted to show that it could be done inside .net code.

      Best of luck.

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