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      Hi Guys,

      I have a Round functoid in my Map. This round functoid has xs:decimal input parameter and 2 (for rounding off till 2 digits) and output is too xs:decimal. But When I executing this Map, its giving very wired output.
      foreg.. If input is 16.00000 then I m getting 00160 as output.

      Even I tried to call a C# function in a scripting function Even though output is same.

      Could any body explains this behaviour to me… Thanks a lot …

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      Yeah even i tried with 16.0000.. But If i passed the value 16.1111 Its giving me proper value.. This problem I faced with only values that contain zeros(0) after decimal..


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        I have not seen that before and I have used Round before in the past. But I was probably passing in an integer or unassigned data type.

        Have you tried passing your input value out to a node just to make sure you really are passing in 16.0000? Have you tried passing in an integer?

        Maybe the xs:decimal if formatting the data in an unexpected way,.

        Just a thought.

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          Just must be something to do with the way the function works. I guess you could always pass it through another Functoid before hand to strip the end zeros. Kind of a pain though.

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