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      If you use a \”Specify Later\” port you get a port property called \”Delivery Notification\” which you could set to \”Transmitted\” meaning that the send port won’t return unless the message is transmitted after # of retries that you setup in Biztalk Explorer. Hope this helps.


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        If you double click on the Send Port, then make sure you are looking at \”Primary\” under \”Transport\” (under \”Configuration\”), you don’t see a \”Retry Count\” and \”Retry Interval\” in the \”General\” properties?

        What do you see? Do you see the Transport-Type is SOAP?

        Need more info.

        Neael Walters

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          I guess I’ve never done a dynamic port.

          Have you read this page from the Biztalk doc?

          It says: \”Dynamic send ports do not contain a fixed destination address, only a pipeline. The destination address is determined at run time from a specified property in the message. \”

          Are you also using orchestrations? I’m guessing one of two things:
          1) You can set the retries also in the message.
          2) You have to do a try/catch to catch the error? If you are not using an orchestration, then I have no idea what happens.

          Sorry, don’t know more on this issue.

          Neal Walters

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            I am trying to configure a Send port in my orchestration which is a request response port talking to a web service.
            Everything seems to work fine, except that I don’t manage to configure the port so it would retry to send the message to the web service if the web service doesn’t answer the first time

            Is it possible at all?
            If so, how?

            I tried to edit the port in all the possible way and I never managed to find the retry and retry count properties…

            Thanks for the help!

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              In VisualStudio, when I open the orchestration and double clik on the port this only brings up the configuration wizard.
              BTW, my port is a dynamic one (Send-Receive, Request-Response) which calls a Web Service (the URL is created in real time according to the value of one field in the incoming message).
              If I double click on the port in the Biztalk admin console, nothing happens.

              I don’t see anywhere that it is a SOAP port.

              I hope it is clearer now 🙂


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                I think I start to understand things better now…

                I managed to edit the port properties through the biztalk explorer and I found out that if your port is a Dynamic Solicit-Response one then you can’t configure the transport type neither the retry count and interval 🙁

                This is BAD!!

                My problem is indeed the fact that sometimes the server hosting the web service I try to access is not responding.
                Then all this mean that I have to handle the retry manually, which I did with catching the SOAP exception and having a retry loop.
                And it works fine exept for the fact that I get a resumable message in the HAT for each retry. And when my message eventually goes through, my HAT is polluted with a bunch of resumable messages.

                Can this be a bug??
                I am running BTS 2004 (without SP1) with rollup package KB837168 on W2K3 (without SP1).

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      The reason you cannot access the transport properties on dynamic ports is the transport type is not determined until runtime.

      You can specify the retry count and interval dynamically:

      [code:1:41f16f29e1]outputMessage(BTS.RetryCount) = 10;
      outputMessage(BTS.RetryInterval ) = 10;[/code:1:41f16f29e1]

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