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      Hi everybody,

      I would like to do tests of Existence on a Database Oracle! Because then if the instance already exists, I do an Update, else I do an insert !

      Do you have any tips to give me ?

      thank you in advance

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      thank you!
      I’ll try this solution!!

      I’ll give you my feedback about this solution!


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        Hi Mr. Stephen M. Thomas,

        I have a small question:

        Now I have to configure my functoid, but for me it’s the first time, and I would like to ask you if you have any examples or availables links about the scripts!

        You told me that you have already done a script !
        I’m searching on the Internet if I find something!

        Thank you in advance

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          I spoke about functoids, because I tried do do that from the mapper!

          But I think that you did it from the orchestration, isn’t it ??

          Should I have 2 ports?? One for the test, and the second one for the request ??


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            Hi Mr. Stephen W. Thomas,

            Would it be possible to send a request to the oracle Database, from the Orchestration, and to receive the value of a variable, that I woud put in a message that I would use in the \”if condition\” of the \”Decide\” form ????
            And then I could do what I want … No ???

            Isn’it easier ??
            What do you think ???

            thank you – A.C.

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              What I have done in the past is just use a .net componet that is called by an Orchestation. It just used System.Data.OracleClient. First it checked if the record existed. Then, it did either an update or an insert. In total, it was about 40 lines of code.

              It worked well if you didn’t want to get an Oracle Adapter and were not under a high load.

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                You could do inside the mapper if you wanted.

                The key is to write a little .net component to do exactly what you want. Might take in an input (such as database name) and return a boolean. I’d put all the configuration stuff either hardcoded for now or inside a config file.

                It’s easy to test out using a Windows Form.

                Then, you just have to GAC it and you can then call it using a Scripting Functoid or call is inside an Orchestration.

                I’d just look at MSDN for a sample of the code using the OracleClient.

                Hope this helps.

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                  Sure, you could do that if you wanted using an Oracle Adapter for Biztalk. Might be a little overkill for your purpose though.

                  I’d just make a simple function call. But either way should work.

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