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      Hi all

      What is the use of Mass Copy Funtoid which exists under Adavanced Functoid in Toolbox… could you please tell me what actually this funtoid does…

      Thanks in Advance.


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      First, here’s a trick to help you figure it out on your own.

      Right click on the map, then click \”Validate\”.
      Then go to the output window, scroll right, and you can see the XSLT generated.
      Cntl-Click on the first file name and the XSLT will open in Visual Studio editor.

      Here’s an example from one of our maps:
      <xsl:copy-of select=\”InputMessagePart_0/@*\” />
      <xsl:copy-of select=\”InputMessagePart_0/*\” />

      Basically the two xsl:copy statements were generated by the mass-copy functoid, one copies elements, the other copies attributes.

      We have found another trick. If you want to copy the namespace, you have to do the trick. You can add two incoming messages to a map (you can do this inside an orchestration only – i.e. the map utility alone will not let you do this. When you add two messages, the system will create a \”Root\” node and then number each message as follows: InputMessagePart_0, InputMessagePart_1, etc…

      If you want to make sure the namespace gets copied, attach the mass-copy functoid to the \”InputMessagePart_x\”.

      Neal Walters

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