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      What are the different methods through which BizTalk 2004 can publish acknowledgeable, reliable message to multiple partners?

      There is message which has to be published to many targets.Then they send the acknowledgment. Due to any reason is a particular target doesn’t get the message then Biztalk needs to resend the message again but only to the particular target..
      What are different ways through which this can achieved?

      Thanx in advance

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      I wanted to know something like queue and topic in JMS. Is any such method through which we can implement that in Biztalk for publishing Acknowledgeable message to multiple trading partners.

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        Does any one have an answer for this

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          That’s kind of a hard question to answer.

          At one level, every BizTalk Adapter (File, MQ, MSMQ, SOAP, Custom, ect) can have reliable messaging built in by using Delivery Notification inside an Orchestration.

          It really depends on what you want to accomplish. If you need to get a message back from a destination in real-time then Web Services is a common approach assuming it’s supportable by the destination. Otherwise, IBM MQ or MSMQ is common for long running process. In both cases, an Orchestration can be used to help correlate the response messages.

          So, it really depends on your exact requirements and what level you want reliable messaging.

          Hope this helps.

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            Well, it really depends on what type of system you are integrating with and what options you have.

            BizTalk offers many different ways to accomplish reliable messaging either through SOAP or Queue adapters or through a correlation response from a vendor.

            In vendor solutions I have done in the past, the vendor sent a response message back for every message we sent them. We used an Orchestration with correlation to track the response messages.

            Hope this helps.

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              since the party that receives the message must send an acknowledgement, the message that is sent to the party must carry some transaction # which you could generate in your orchestration. Then, when you receive an acknowledgement you must correlate on that transaction #.

              then you just need to have a loop with a Listen shape, and keep trying to send a message until you get an ackn from the other party. You could have expression shapes that stop the loop after certain # of retries…etc.

              make sure the send port used from inside the loop has \”DeliveryNotification: Transmitted\” otherwise it will allow orchestration to continue and the loop will send all msgs at once.

              Also, make sure the port is Specify Later, otherwise you won’t be able to set the Delivery Notification….i think

              Good Luck

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