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      I have one requirement, one orchestration need to post messages to message box and another orchestration need to subscribe from message box how to do this with out direct binding.


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      well its client requirement not to use direct binding,
      how to do using send and receive port any sample available
      receive port what will be the SQL query and what will be send port URI

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        Direct binding does exactly what you wish.
        The alternative would be to have sendport/receiveport pair take the message out of the message box and put it back in.

        Why do you not wish to use direct binding?

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          If you wish to use a SQL Adapter to store the message in a database and read it back again then you will need to design and build your own database. And decide how to store the message, how to read and delete the message. Not forgeting all the error handling logic in case something goes wrong.

          You could use MSMQT adapter, which uses the messagebox as it message store. This way you write the message to the messagebox, read it out and write it back, then read it out and write it back again.

          Or you could use the FILE Adapter to save a file and read it back

          Do you know why the client has this requirement? All of these options are just wasting CPU cycles and IO bandwidth.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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