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      I guess, you’ll need to ensure unique key within your record and promote that those fields as combination key.

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      You basically have two options. The easiest if you just need it inside an Orchestration decide shape is to use XPath to get the value.

      The harder way is to write a custom pipeline component to xpath into the stream and promote the value.

      Those are the only two ways I know how to do it.

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        This post should help you out:

        Also, the help guide covers it was well. Just search for “Using XPaths in Message Assignment”

        The only thing to watch out for is namespace. If you document has a namespace you might have to include that in your xpath.

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          hai friends,
          I want to promote a node in the source schema, and I have its parent node with minimum occurence 1 and maximum occurence unbounded.When I try to promote it ,it failed to promote and it is telling that nodes which has its parent nodes maximum occurence unbounded cannot be promoted and the nodes must be unique.
          Can anybody tell me how can I promote this field to use it in my orchestration decide expression.

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            hai Stephen,
            Can you tell me in detail step by step ,how to use XPath to get the value of promoted property in the orchestration decide shape.
            Thank you

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