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      I`m a newbie, and I don%u00b4t know than I can do…
      I have a flat file, that contains a header, multiple lines of file, and a end file…
      I wan%u00b4t to evaluate each line of the file.. and if the file contains correct lines,I wan%u00b4t to build a new file with with a header, all the correct lines, and a end of file… if some lines are incorrect, I wan%u00b4t to build other file with header, all the incorrect lines and a end file…
      How I can to do this?? A need help, pleasee!!
      Sorry for my english, i,m a spanish guy…

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      Thank you very much, Stephen !!!
      I have to evaluate the format of the fields, and some contain of that (if the telephone, email is correct, etc..)in the body of each line.
      but I have some initials doubts… Have I do three new schemas? (by the moment, I have a schema, with three roots, header, body and end file, build with the flat file wizard..)..
      Thanks again!!!

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        I.m trying to goal it, with exceptions in the orchestration, checking each row… if you found something about this, please tell me..

        Thanks again, Stephen…

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          What do you mean by evaluate?

          Ok, here is what you need to do at a high level:

          – Break up your document into a header record, detail records, and trailer records
          – Route your Header to two Orchestrations
          – Route success messages to one Orchestration and Error message to the other using Convoys
          – Route your Trail records to each Orchestration
          – End the convoy and send out the resulting file

          How exactly to accomplish this depends on what evaluate means and if you have a tag identifier on your flat file.

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            In that case, if your file was not too large you might be able to pass the whole document to an Orchestration, map it (use the map to apply your validation logic and set a flag on the record), xpath out the healer and trailers, and then xpath out all success / failed records. Then, build your two response messages inside the Orchestration.

            That would probably be an easier way to go but it probably wouldn’t perform as well. Plus you’ll have more control over the validation part.

            I would have to play around with it for a bit since it’s been a long time since I did something like this

            Hope this helps.

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