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      Hi! I would like to ask you about a strange problem.

      I made an orchestration, which receives a query from an SQL Server table.
      I send the query request in every 5 minutes. In a Loop shape I send the request, receive the response, write it to a file.
      At the end of the Loop I have a Delay shape, with the expression to wait for 5 minutes (TimeSpan).

      The orchestration works well, but after 2-3 day, sometimes after some hours the orchestration stops to work.
      There is no error message, no warning. In the HAT I see that the Orchestraion is active.
      A figured out, that the orchestration stops in the delay, so the processing does not continue after the 5 minutes elapses.

      When I stop and start the BizTalkServerApplication (Host) then the stopped orchestration continues to run. But this is not a
      solution for my problem. What can I do? The orchestration must run all the time.

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      I have created (in fact generated) the orchestration with SQL Adapter.
      The xml which activates the orchestration contains the name of the stored procedure which executes the query. (This is a common sql adapter.)

      The Delay’ purpose is to wait for 5 Minutes, and then send the request again (and again…).

      How should I create the orchestration? Do you have a better idea to execute the cyclic queries?

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        I don’t have a solution for your issue, but what about an alternative.
        Why not just set the SQL receive port to poll every 5 minutes?
        Then a new orchestration starts every 5 minutes and then \”dies\”.

        Neal Walters

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          I start the orchestration with a small xml (generated by the SQL Adapter), which contains only the name of the stored proc, which selects the data I need.

          But. The Port that sends the request, and receives the response is a solicit request-response Send Port. And the only element, which has the Polling properties, is a Receive Location. So I don’t know how to set this property.

          When I restart the BizTalk Server, the hanging orchestration continues to run. I don’t have to start it again.

          It’s true, that the orchestration does nothing for 5 Minutes, so I try to change it to work like you said.
          Maybe I don’t know everything about the SQL Adapter?

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            Have you created a singleton orchestration?
            Is this required or can you use a new orchestration instance for each SQL Receive?

            What is the purpose of the Delay shape?

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              How do you start your orchestration, what is the initiating message and how is it generated. What happens when Biztalk Server restarts.

              As Neal points out the polling nature of the SQL Receive Adapter would be better suited to your needs. You will not have an orchestration hanging around doing nothing for 5 minutes and hogging resources. If Biztalk restarts then the whole process begins automatically.

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                Is it possible to email me your project and the binding file. I am a bit confused as to how this orchestration works.

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