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      I have an orchestration published as a WS and in that orchestration i call another WS that can send an exception….

      the orchestration is [url=]in this link[/url] and the HAT result [url=]in this[/url]

      I catch that exception but when i try to send a fault message to the receive port he gives the error in aplication log:

      A response message for two-way receive port \”WebPort_Teste_Proxy/WEBooksBiztalk_PesquisaLivros_WEBooksPortal\” is being suspended as the messaging engine could not correlate the response to an existing request message. This usually happens when the host process has been recycled.

      followed by

      A message sent to adapter \”SOAP\” on send port \”Teste_1.0.0.0_WEBooksBiztalk.PesquisaLivros_PortoWS_a63f6146e863a838\” with URI \”http://localhost/WEBooksAmazon/WEBooksAmazon.asmx\” is suspended.

      Can anyone help me….

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      The correlation ID mismatch might because of calling \”Rules\”. When we call any rule and new message id will be created even for the same message.

      Just try with the fault handling without any Rules. Then start from that point for finding out the exact cause.

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      I have a similar orchestration, External users submit data to a SOAP endpoint and need to always receive a response.


      I resolved this by creating one response message schema that can handle both sucess and failure situations.

      I also make calls from the orchestration to other services that may fail.  Those calls I wrap in a non-transacted scope, with an exception handler for the scope that subscribes to a fault message that I add to the action on the send/recieve port.

      If an exception occurs in one of the calls to external resources, I store information about it in variables.

      At the end of the orchestation I create the response message using the data gathered throughout processing and return it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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