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      I am using longrunning transaction, in this there is call to database, I wanted to put these send receive shapes in other scope so that I can catch exception but Iam facing problem when iam keeping these shapes in scope the response from database iam unable to use outside this scope it is giving error unconstructed message.

      can ayone explain how to solve this issue

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      No it is not working , how to set global variables

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        should we not use nested scope with exception shape in long running transaction

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          BizTalk will not let you send a message if at some path it might not be constructed. So, you need to add logic to make sure you don’t hit the Send.

          You could try setting your response to a global variable or global xml document.

          Later on, if you want to use it you can use a decision shape outside of all the scopes.

          Hope this helps.

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            You could try just setting a variable at the Orchestration level and not the scope level. You might be doing that already though.

            Long and short of it, you need to change your logic so you don’t send a message that might not be constructed.

            I’d start by adding a Boolean = true when you want to send a message and set the response text to send to an Xml Document. Then, construct a message from the Xml Document inside the decision shape when the Boolean is true. Make sense?

            Might be some other ways to do it too. This is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

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              Yep, I guess that would be another way to go about it.

              Probably the easer way based on what you have said before. Just make sure your Send shape is inside the exception handling.

              This would not really help you if you needed to react to different exception types.

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