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      I am having problem using the SubmitDirect Adapter on Windows Server 2003 SP1 with Sharepoint 2.0. It seems that when I enabled the Receive Location \”SubmitRequestRL\” that is of type \”Submit\”. I got this error from Biztalk Server.

      The Messaging Engine failed to add a receive URL \”SubmitRequestRL\” to the adapter \”Submit\”. Reason: \”80131014\”.;

      The receive location \”submit://submitrequest\” is shutting down. Details:\”The Messaging Engine failed while notifying an adapter of its configuration. \”.

      Note that I am using the \”Setup.bat\” on the SDK Sample.

      I tried it on the Windows XP and it is working fine and base on the first error message I was thinking if there is any problem in Windows Server 2003 that might be blocking the creation of Receive Location. I also can’t find any solution for the Reason 80131014.

      Please help me out….

      THank you thank you in advance….

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      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for the quick reply. The error didn’t appear already.

      However I got a new error.

      Basically, I created a webservice that consumes the Biztalk Orchestration. This webservice uses SubmitRequest.dll.

      This is the code that has this source of code.

      XmlDocument xmlResult = SubmitRequest.ProcessMessage(xmlDoc);

      *SubmitRequest functions the same as the SubmitRequest in SDK except that it is a dll now and not a console-application.

      Again, I tried it on XP and it works. But when I put it in Windows Server 2003. it gives me this error

      \”There was a failure executing the receive pipeline: \”Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLReceive\” Source: \”Microsoft.BizTalk.Messaging\” Receive Location: \”Submit://ProcessRequest\” Reason: Specified cast is not valid.\”

      I found this… but it seems that it is not same issue since I didn’t expose my Orchestration as web service, instead I used a web service that calls my orchestration through the submit adapter.

      Please help me.

      Thank you very much in advance.

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        Hi Greg,

        Thanks again for another quick response. I tried restarting the BiztalkServerApplication and it kinda worked. I mean it was able to submit an XMLDocument and get a response.

        But I still have to make sure that that is the only reason because I am thinking of creating an batch file to handle the setup for my orchestration. I’ll let you know if restarting the Biztalk Service is the only cause of the problem.

        Anyway, the reason why I decide to use submit adapter is because I don’t want to expose my orchestration to everyone, instead I have a web service that will pass an xmlDoc to a Submit URL. That way, Orchestration will be not be transparent to the users. What you do think of my idea. Do you think the idea is wrong?

        Thank you again. Thank you very much

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          Hi Greg,

          I tried the installer that I made and I still got the same error.

          \”There was a failure executing the receive pipeline: \”Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLReceive\” Source: \”Microsoft.BizTalk.Messaging\” Receive Location: \”Submit://ProcessRequest\” Reason: Specified cast is not valid.\”

          When you suggested to me to stop and restart the BiztalkServerApplication, at first it worked but when I re-installed the application again. It now has the error. Somehow I can’t understand what is the cause of the problem.

          I just tried the installer in an XP Machine and it works just fine.

          Why is it not working well on Windows Server 2003??

          Thanks in advance,

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            80131014 is a COM error, cant find IUnknown.
            This tends to indicate the adapter hasn’t been register properly

            Check this registry key:

            Does it exist, if so do the subkeys and values match those set in RegisterAdapter.cs of the TransportProxyUtilsReg project

            Try running:
            TransportProxyUtilsReg\\bin\\Debug\\RegisterAdapter.exe /u

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              The error indicates a problem in the Xml Receive pipeline. This pipeline has two components XmlDisassembler and PartyResolver.

              My guess is a problem with the XmlDisassembler, and a problem with the message.

              Can you dump out the XmlDoc into a log file to see what is being passed into Biztalk.

              Do you restart the Biztalk Service after every change to the Biztalk config, or deployment. Sometimes assembly mismatches cause strange errors.

              Why do you not publish the Orchestration as a web service using the wizard?

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                I am not sure why you would get a Invalid cast exception. What type of message are you submitting to Biztalk?

                There is no effective difference between the way you are implementing Web Services and the way Biztalk publishes an orchestration or schema as a Web Service.

                You have had to write an ASP.Net Web Service that calls an unsupported adapter – SubmitDirect. You have to specify the Web Service message in two places one as a Biztalk schema and the a .Net object in your ASP.NET application.

                With Biztalk, a wizard creates the ASP.NET Web Service and it uses the supported SOAP adapter. The interchange message is declared once within Biztalk and you also get access to SOAP properties within Biztalk. You can even customise the web service code if you are careful.

                Publishing the web service using Biztalk does not make the Orchestration transparent to users, they will see the the same interface as your custom web service.

                All the web service interfaces I have created in Biztalk have used the wizard to publish an orchestration or schema.

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