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      I’m new in Biztalk and I try to process a flat file to create an IDOC in SAP.
      In my flat file structure , I’ve defined 3 child nodes in element type Record because I need to create 3 items segments in my IDOC in SAP.
      Each child nodes contains 4 data ( string ).

      In my mapping I’ve used a looping functoids to create a new segment for each Record.

      In my receive pipeline, I use a flat file dissasembler.

      But when I test, I have the following error:

      There was a failure executing the receive pipeline: \”Demande_de_chargement.RP_dpo_cics, Demande de chargement, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c77dc822841b7a10\” Source: \”Flat file disassembler\” Receive Port: \”RP-MVT-STOCK\” URI: \”D:\\Projet – Biztalk\\GOTA\\Demande de chargement\\File_in\\*.txt\” Reason: Unexpected end of stream while looking for:
      Positional data (length is 5)
      The current definition being parsed is Root. The stream offset where the error occured is 125. The line number where the error occured is 1.
      The column where the error occured is 125.

      Someone have already had this problem ?
      Thanks for your help

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      It could be a number of items. Does your flat file validate against the schema? I’m guessing not.

      You might want to look at changing the parsing mode to Complexity (set on the <schema> node properties). Also make sure your default delimiter type (i.e. like Post Fixed, Per Fixed, or In Fixed) is set correctly.

      Typically I have to do a trial and error approach to fix these types of problems.

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