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      We did it the old fashion way with lots of tape and thumb tacks.

      Had one with a parallel action shape 23 branches wide (starting other Orchestrations with direct binding and getting a response message back from each one).

      We ran out of wall space Client liked it though.

      Did you ever fix the Dead HAT problem? I’m having the same problem now…

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      Never fixed the \”Dead HAT\” problem. I left it in the clients hand to re-install – I was remote.

      Neal Walters

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        Is there any way to print to a plotter? Will the length/width change when you select a different printer?

        Also, it would be nice to print to a PDF file for the zoom capabilities, but every time I try it, I cannot change the width, thus I get the \”window panes\” that all print serially, making it impossible to read, without printing out and getting a big roll of tape to tape it all together.

        Neal Walters

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