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      1. I want to enable the polling interval on a Receive location for every 15 minutes, but do not want to start an instance of the Orchestration if one is already running. Is there a way to achieve this?

      2. If 1. is not possible is there any way Polling interval for a Receive location can be every 15 minutes during the day (say 8 AM to 7:59 PM) but every 4 hours at night (between 8:00 PM to 7:59 AM) since the night job has to process a lot more and will run longer.

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      Well you can control your receive port from your orchestration provided you know to which port is your orchestration binded to.If you carefully see your recieve port properties,we notice start date and stop date.
      So what all you need to do is as soon as the first receive shape gets executed just write a code to stop the recieve Port and before the orchestrations terminates just start it.


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        You might like to check out this sample from Stephen Thomas:

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