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      Hi I am new to BizTalk 2004. I have a basic question.
      Is it necessary to stop the orchestartion unenlist and undeploy everytime if i have to make a change in any of schema,map or orchestration.

      Everytime If I have to make a change I stop and unelist orchestration and undeploy assemblies and then I make changes and save. After that same process Deploy,Bind,Enlist and Start.

      Is it necessary to follow these steps ? or
      Is there any way I can run application without following these steps everytime whenever I modify.

      Thanx in advance…

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      It’s necessary, but you can shorten the process.

      Use BizTalk Deployment Wizard! You can make a Binding File, which sets the ports. In fact, I haven’t use this function yet, but I’d like to, because it’s really good.

      But you must Enlist/Un-enlist, and Start/Stop process the application after all. I think, there’s a BizTalk wizard to make a self-starting application, but I don’t know which is that.

      If you check the SDK/Sample projects, you can see, that there’s a Setup.bat, Cleanup.bat file, which builds, deploys, binds the project.

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        If you are willing to live on the \”wild side\” you can just rebuild, then copy the .DLL to the GAC, restart Biztalk host, and go – as long as you don’t change the way you deal with the ports.

        I think somebody created a blog that describes when you can ge away with this shortcut.

        I’ve been donig it several times a day for the last few weeks. I have been developing on my notebook, I do a rebuild, copy .DLL to test server, restart there, and it has been working fine.

        Neal Walters

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          ok here is how i do it.

          i go into the project settings and set ReDeploy to true.

          I have my pipelines in a separate project so I dont have to go into each port and change pipelines to something that is built into biztalk.

          when i am ready to ReDeploy I un-enlist the orchestrations. I remove inbound/outbound maps from the ports (maps that are referenced by the assembly i am about to re-deploy) and then i just right-click the project and hit deploy. This causes the project to be undeployed from the biztalk server, new copy deployed and then port bindings set.

          if you don’t have outbound/inbound maps then it’s just 2 steps.

          1) un-enlist
          2) deploy

          By the way: All my ports are Specify Later


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