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      Cell – that’s exactly what I want to happen. I have two different potential human workflows (using our own internal systems) as well as a potential \”good order\”.

      So I want the good order to process as-soon-as-possible.
      Each human workflow could potentially take 2-3 days, so they should be in parallel, so as not to delay the order to 4-6 days.

      After all three things finish, i.e. the good order, and both human workflows finish, I need to do some final steps.

      Thanks for you ideas,
      Neal Walters

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        is it possible that you could \”Start\” the orchestration instead of \”Call\”ing it. Call is synch and Start is asynch. Maybe that’ll fix it.

        Also, seems like your orchestration will never finish since you have a parellel shape, I’ve ran into this before, all branches must finish before the orchestration can proceed out of the parallel shape


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          I think i understand what you are getting at.

          What about doing a Start Orch and then have a receive shape right after to wait for a response from the started orch. Just have the started orch throw a complete msg in a mailbox.

          Not sure about running into correlation problems though 🙂

          About Call orch not in the debugger. I could’ve sworn I’ve done that before. Right clicking the step that calls the Orchestration and selecting something like \”Enter called orchestration\” in the context menu.

          Good luck

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            I call a web service which returns me potentially three types of orders:
            1) Good Order (no exceptions)
            2) Order with Business Exceptions
            3) Order with Out-of-Inventory Exceptions

            I will never get more than 3, but I might get only one of the three or any combination.

            I have three branches under a parallel shape. Each checks to see if it has the desired type of order, and if so it processes it.

            Right now, I’m getting two orders that flow through branch 2 and 3.

            Unfortunately, what is happening is that branch 3 is doing a send/receive (direct binding) that starts an independent orchestration, which eventually causes our internal Human Workflow. Meanwhile, branch 2 is just sitting there doing nothing.

            The goal was that branch 2 and 3 would be parallel and that if a receive in either branch is encountered, the other branch keeps running.

            Neal Walters

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              Part 2 of my question –

              I do have work to do after the parallel shape, so I need to continue after all three branches of the parallel have finished.

              Now I’m debating about Call Orch, Start Orch, and using Send/Receive with direct binding. I recently posted about the downside of \”Call Orch\”, i.e. you cannot see the called-orch in the debugger and as far as I can tell there is absolutely no history of it in HAT.

              If I do Start-Orch, then I would have to do polling or something to be able to run the final logic that must occur after each branch has finished.

              If I do a send/receive with direct binding, I’m afraid I may still not get parallelism. I.e. the first send/receive may stop the whole orchestration until that receive comes back.

              Thanks again,
              Neal Walters

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      I’m working on a sample that shows how to use Configured Ports with Start Orchestration shape. I think that will do exactly what you want.

      I should post it in a day or two.

      Just check the homepage under What’s New.

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