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      Do you guys know if BizTalk 2004 has a limit to the size of a file it can receive? The default XMLRecieve pipeline is throwing an \”Out Of Memory\” exception everytime I try to process an xml file that is greater than 50MB. Anything less than that works fine. Any insight on this?

      Thanks in advance.

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      The max size is 2 GB (I think) in theory. But the max size for your system all depends on memory and resources.

      Also, if you are using the Xml Receive or mapping on the pipeline. Both will impact performance.

      I have ran 250 MB files through a system with 1.5 GB Ram with no problems.

      Hope this helps.

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        I had the same problem, see


        The problem is that BizTalk2004 needs enough unfragmented memory to process the file.

        We use now BizTalk2006.
        That solve our problem.

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