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      I receive a message, construct three different messages and send all the three in a sequence to the same send port.
      For sending to the send port i have a call orchestration. It receives the message as parameter and then sends it over to send port.

      I need all the three messages to be delivered in the same order. But for some reason they are all comming out randomly.

      Any Idea?

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      By default, when you send a message, the orchestration simply writes the message to the MessageBox and continues. The message is then processed independently by a send pipeline and adapter. By using another orchestration to perform each send you increasing the likelyhood of the message being sent out of order.

      What you need to do is from a single orchestration send the messages using delivery notification on the port. This will force the orchestration send port to block (wait for an Ack/Nack) before continuing.

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