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      This is my scenario.

      I receive an XML message which is a purchase order. It has a heade section with all the Order details and then numerous lineitems associated with that order.

      The goal is to insert the order details into an ORDERS table and the Lineitems into a LINEITEMS table with a key associating each lineitem to an order … pretty basic stuff right?

      Well I found this great tutorial here

      The ‘Insert New Orders’ section is exactly what I want – EXACTLY!

      However when I try to build and deploy I get quite a few errors.

      Has anyone tried this tut or can anyone help me?


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      Here are my errors ….

      Orchestration.odx(239): ‘InsertOrder’: message has not been initialized in construct statement

      Orchestration.odx(242): #error: \”Missing or invalid mapping configuration.\”

      Orchestration.odx(245): use of unconstructed message ‘InsertOrder’


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        You were totally correct – I have redone it and it worked.

        Thanks a million


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          What are the errors that you are getting?

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            These errors all relate to the Transform shape in the orchestration.

            Did you complete all instructions in steps 4,5,6 of [b:6d9b33a6aa]To complete the orchestration[/b:6d9b33a6aa]

            When you add a Transform shape you actually get two shapes:
            A [b:6d9b33a6aa]Construct Message [/b:6d9b33a6aa]shape where you need to set the [b:6d9b33a6aa]Messages Constructed[/b:6d9b33a6aa] property to [i:6d9b33a6aa]InsertOrder[/i:6d9b33a6aa]
            The [b:6d9b33a6aa]Transform[/b:6d9b33a6aa] shape where you set the map and the input and output messages.

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