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      In BizTalk 2006 and Visual Studio, I am validating an instance of a schema.
      It generates an error on the first line with:

      error BEC2004: ‘.’, hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 1,
      position 139.

      In opening the file up I see that there are multiple NULLs and the line is
      delimited with a Line Feed after the NULLs.

      How do I modify the schema to eliminate this error? I do not have the option
      of modifying the input file.

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        The records in the schema are Positional. In the flat file there are NULL characters. Since the schema record is Positional, it will read in the characters defined in the schema positions.

        This schema is migrated from BizTalk 2002. In BizTalk 2002, no error is generated by the NULL characters.

        How do I modify this schema to not generate errors?

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      Sorry, I’m a little slow today. What do you mean multiple NULLs? You mean multiple blank lines?

      I think in any case you’ll just to build your schema to support it. In worse case, build a custom pipeline to strip them out.

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