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      You should be able to use Microsoft.BizTalk.BaseFunctoids.ConnectionType.Record in the AddInputConnectionType method

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      On second thoughts Microsoft.BizTalk.BaseFunctoids.ConnectionType.Element might be better.

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        Hi all

        I want to build a custom functoid to implement an XSLT Call-Template, but I want one of the parameters to be a node-set rather than a value. Can I do this and, if yes, then how?

        Thx in advance


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          Hi Greg

          thanks for the responses. But…

          I already had the InputConnectionType set to record, and I think I tried Element too, though I will try that one again to be sure.

          The input node is a parameter to the Call-Template that I am implementing, and when I look at the Validate-Map XSLT output I can see that it sets the value of the param to either:

          – the text(.) value of the source node if the source link type is Copy Text
          – the name (and annoyingly it is the local-name, not the full path … can I change the way the name appears?) of the linked source node if the link type is Copy Name
          – a string(…) representation of all of the sub-node text if the link type is Copy text and content (or whatever it is)

          Also, at the point where the call-template is called within that XSLT, I can’t seem to force the XSLT to place that call within a for-each instance of the source link node, or do anything else the place the call-template context within the scope of the source link node, so that I can use the relative (.) knowing that it applies to the selected source node (if you see what I mean). I have tried using the looping function, etc, to achieve this but with no joy … this may well be down to my lack of experience doing such funky things with the mapper …

          Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

          Thanks again


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