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      The question is where do you want this message to go?

      A subscriber is an orchestration or send port with a filter that matches the promoted properties in the message.
      A send port with filter BTS.ReceivePortName = <receive port name>
      An orchestration bound to the receive port which produces a subscription filter of BTS.ReceivePortId = <receive port id> AND BTS.MessageType = <message type on activate receive shape>
      If the message is a correlated return message then the filter will include the properties and values in the correlation set.
      If the orchestration is a convoy it gets more complicated.

      Some problems that can cause this problem:
      1. The destination orchestration or send port is not enlisted
      2. You are using the pass-thru pipeline which does not promote the message type and the orchestration binding fails.
      3. It is a correlated return message and the original orchestration instance has been terminated

      You can view the active subscription on the Group Hub page of the Biztalk Admin Console.
      New Query -> Search for -> Subscriptions.

      Compare the subscription filter with the message context properties

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        I have this problem now for about a week and it realy irritates me.

        In my event viewer i see this fault when i drop a file in a folder:

        [quote:7ab81216c0]The Messaging engine failed to process a message submitted by adapter:FILE Source URL:d:\\FlatFile\\OrderSysteem_Output.txt. Details:The published message could not be routed because no subscribers were found. This error occurs if the subscribing orchestration or send port has not been enlisted, or if some of the message properties necessary for subscription evaluation have not been promoted. Please use the Biztalk Administration console to troubleshoot this failure. [/quote:7ab81216c0]

        then in my bizTalk Administration console i see that i have a few routing failure reports.
        this is the message of such report:
        [quote:7ab81216c0]This service instance exists to help debug routing failures for instance \”{4EF48867-B6C6-4F62-A295-A104925FA17A}\”. The context of the message associated with this instance contains all the promoted properties at the time of the routing failure.[/quote:7ab81216c0]

        in a message i see next in the context with there values:

        File creationtime –> not promoted
        ReceivedFileName –> not promoted
        FailedMessageID –> not promoted
        PartNames – system.String[] –> not promoted
        ActivityIdentity–> not promoted
        AdapterReceiveCompleteTime –> not promoted
        Portname –> not promoted
        SuspendedReceiveSideMEssage – true –> not promoted
        InboundTransportLocation –> PROMOTED
        interchangeID –> not promoted
        ReceiveLocationName –> not promoted
        ReceivePortID –> PROMOTED
        ReceivePortName –> PROMOTED
        AuthenticationRequierdOnReceivePort – false –> not promoted
        InboundTransportType – FILE –> PROMOTED
        InterchangeSequenceNumber – 1 –> not promoted
        LRPMsgBodyTracking – 0 –> not promoted
        MessageExchangePattern – 1 –> not promoted
        ReceivePipelineID –> not promoted

        Others are olsa filled in with a value but to long to put in here.

        So I have no idea what to do with this error.
        Could you help me?

        Thanks on regards

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        It is very nice, it worked perfect for me too.

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      [quote:8dbb123d2a=\”Bjeenie\”]thank you so much, it finaly works!!


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