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      I’m new to Biztalk and I have to make some small solution – but not sure how to handle it in correct way. I have an xml file and want to import data parsed from this file to database. And client want to do it via Biztalk. Can you give me some advices ? What steps should i make ?



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      Thank you for the help. I’m afraid I didn’t give an importnant info – the database engine is Oracle, not MS SQL. It means that I should make static data access layer in c#, am I right ? The other solution could be an Oracle adapter, but the price…
      Are there some examples of making c# modules and call it from an orchestration ? (beside your video – I have rather poor net bandwith here)



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        Thank you very much – i’ve already made a c# module and it works perfectly. The adapter would be a better solution, because there will be a second part of this project, where SQL receive port looks as the best solution, but there is no chance for buy oracle adapter now. I will have to find some other way. BTW – I use BTS2004 for this project so – as you said – no oracle adapt in a bundle.

        Thanks for all help


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          1) Create and Unit Test StoredProc with Insert Logic (I suggest you return some value that indicates success or failure)
          2) Run the SQL Adapter to build schema for StoredProc (the parms of the SQL proc will be xml fields)
          3) Map incoming file to new schema
          4) Create Request/Response Send Port in Biztalk Explorer with type SQL
          5) Create Orchestration – with Send/Receive shape to SQL port.

          You can also write a C# static Data Access Layer and call it from an expression shape in an orchestration.

          Full videos of the above available in my tutorials below.

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            Oracle adapter might be included in Biztalk 2006.
            The SQL adapter in 2004 only works with MS/SQL.

            So you could write a C# static program or a web service.
            Do you already know C#?

            Just add an expression shape. If the class is static, you don’t even need to define an object variable, but you might want to return a success code.

            First make a reference to your class (right click project, \”Add Reference\”)

            varReturnCode = MyNamespace.MyClass.MyMethod

            You could also pass an object. Create something like an employee object, define a variable in biztalk, select .NET Class, then select your employee class.

            Then you could so something like this:

            objEmployee = new MyNamespace.MyClass.Employee();
            objEmployee.Name = \”John\”;
            objEmployee.Number = 123;
            objEmployee.SSN = \”123-45-6789\”;
            varReturnCode = MyNamespace.MyClass.MyMethod(objEmployee);

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              Also note that if you go with the C# module, then that .NET assembly must have a strong name, and be deployed to the the GAC of your test machine, and eventually your production Biztalk server.

              If you go with a web service, it would be deployed to your web service machine instead.

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