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      I have a mapping problem. I simply don’t know how to do it. Maybe you could help out or point me to a good article that teaches how to use the mapper.

      I have two messages, one message is from a flatfile (MessageA) and another message is from a database (MessageB). Now, MessageA has two columns (Code1 and Code2). MessageB has (ID, CodeIndex). I want to join these two messages into one and insert into a database table. The target table is (ID, Code). So depending on CodeIndex from MessageB, I either join Code1 or Code2. Here’s sample data.

      Message A
      Code1, Code2
      111, 222
      333, 444

      Message B
      ID, CodeIndex
      1, ’03’
      2, ’04’
      3, ’03’
      4, ’04’

      What I want to insert into database
      the rule is, if CodeIndex=’03’ then use Code1
      if codeIndex=’04’ then use code2
      ID, Code
      1, 111
      1, 333
      2, 222
      2, 444
      3, 111
      3, 333
      4, 222
      4, 444

      I am sure it’s not that hard with the mapper, I just don’t know enough about it and I haven’t come upon articles that explain it in depth.


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