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      Does anyone know how to make the most use out of the EDI tools that come standard with MS BizTalk Server 2006?

      I was hoping that MS BizTalk Server 2006 would be able to handle EDI processing right out of the box.

      I would like to know it’s limits before considering third party solutions.

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      The Biztalk Base EDI Adapter is limited by the number of X12 and EDIFACT document versions it supports.

      This KB article is written for Biztalk 2004 but applies to Biztalk 2006 as well.

      You can create your own EDI schemas for messages not supported by the base adapter. Apparently this is not a simple task.

      The MS recommended approach is to buy the Covast EDI Acccelerator if Base EDI Adapter does not support the message formats you need.

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