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      I have simple messaging mechanism using MLLP Receive to receive HL7 message from vendor system. The received messages will be pushed to SQL database using publish-subscribed mechanism.  However, it only receives and processes the first message fine, then stop consuming any more. Messages keeps queuing up in vendor system, no error in Event Log or HAT.  The connection is still seen from the Vendor System.

      Below are my platform information and MLLP Receive setting.

      1. BizTalk 2006 R2 with Accelerator 2.0 on Windows 2003 server

      2. MLLP Receive properties:
      – Block Characters: <CR> set to 0d, <EB> set to 1c, <SB> set to 0b

      – Ordered Delivery: FALSE

      – Persistent Connection: TRUE

      – Receive Timeout(msec): 0

      3. MLLP Adapter Receive Handler default to 1000 max connection.


      I must overlook something.  Any suggestion would be appreciated. 


      Thx, Michael J.

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      Are your messages all coming in to the BizTalk server as a single batch or as multiple individual batches?


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        I had this same problem. I changes the “persistent connection” property to FALSE and it all worked fine. The problem is that the vendor is not closing the connection after sending the message.


        Shaik Dawood

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