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      Hi everybody,

      I’ve sent a request to an Oracle server, and I normally receive a response, because I use a send port with \”Request/Response\” !!

      then, when I insert the form \”Decide\” to my orchestration, in the \”Biztalk expression editor\” I would like to access to a variable of the message, and with intellicense, I choose the message name, then I add \”.\” and then the intellicense shows \”parameters\”, but then I don’t know what to do, because I only want to test one variable of the message!!

      For instance, I do a select \”patientID, fileID, firstName, lastName\”, but in the expression Editor, I would like to do a test on \”patientId\”, so normally I only should do \”MessageName.patientID\” or something like that….

      But I can’t

      Do you know why??

      Thank you in advance

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      You are probably right !!

      The schema is generated automatically with the adapter !

      First I created a table oracle, and then when I add the Oracle adapter, connected to this table, it generates the schema !!

      How should I do to do my field distinguished inside my schema??

      Thank you

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        I know where to go to meke the field \”distinguished\”, but there is a problem!!!

        When I try to promote the field \”PatientID\”, from the schema, to the node \”PatientID\”, in the node \”Receive\”…, i do a right click, and choose \”promote\”–> \”Quick promotion\”. …

        But I have to add this field to \”Distinguished\” !!!

        But I can’t !! there is an error message!!!!!!!
        this node can occur potentially multiple times in the instance document!Only notes which are guaranteed to be unique can be promoted.

        the problem is that this schema is generated automatically with the oracle adapter, connected to the database oracle, –> to the table patient…

        Do you have any tips to give me ??

        thank you in advance !!


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          Hi Mr. Stephen W. Thomas,

          thank you for your reply!

          Today I’ll try your solution and I’ll give you my feedback!


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            I got lost a little bit on what you were saying.

            Do you not have any access to the parameters on the message?

            It might be because the field you want is not a distinguished field inside your schema?

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              Well, in your case you can not easily promote that property.

              You have a few options:
              – Change the schema so it is only 1 to 1. Do not know if this is even an option or if it will break the adapter
              – Write a custom pipeline component to promote it
              – Use XPath inside your Orchestation (probably the easiest)

              You can find samples of this here:

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