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      I am mapping a message within a receive port.

      I also have a custom pipeline.

      The problem I am having is within my custom pipeline (the Execute method) the message handle I have is to the original message and not the mapped message.

      2 questions:

      Question 1:

      When does the map actually take place?
      – Before the pipeline?
      – Sometime during the pipeline? If so, when?
      – After the pipeline but before the Orchestration?

      Question 2:
      If the message is mapped before or during the pipeline, how can I get a handle to that message (it’s context and body)?



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      I have found my own answer thanks to the awsome work of [url=]Aaron Skonnard[/url]

      Aaron has produced [url=]An XML Guru’s Guide to BizTalk Part 1[/url] and [url=]An XML Guru’s Guide to BizTalk Part 2[/url]

      Anyway, the answer is the pipeline completes its processing and then applies the map. Once the map has been applied, it is sent to the MessageBox awaiting subscribers to the mapped message.

      Hope this is clear, if not be sure you read Aaron’s work (read it anyway, it’s worth it!)



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        Probably should also not that you can not access the message context inside your map.

        I’m not a big fan on Receive Port mapping in BizTalk 2004 due to the complexity in error handling.

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