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      Hello, and thanks.

      So I have 2 Schemas, The first holds Order Items, similar to:

      <SalesOrder id=\”blah\”>
      <Item Id=\”item_1\” Quantity=\”7\” Supplier=\”\” SupplierProductId=\”\” />
      <Item Id=\”item_2\” Quantity=\”8\” Supplier=\”\” SupplierProductId=\”\” />
      <Item Id=\”item_3\” Quantity=\”9\” Supplier=\”\” SupplierProductId=\”\” />
      <Item Id=\”item_4\” Quantity=\”10\” Supplier=\”\” SupplierProductId=\”\” />

      The second holds product mapping for suppliers, similar to:

      <Product ProductId=\”item_1\” SupplierProductId=\”item_44\” Supplier=\”supplier_1\” />
      <Product ProductId=\”item_2\” SupplierProductId=\”item_55\” Supplier=\”supplier_2\” />
      <Product ProductId=\”item_3\” SupplierProductId=\”item_66\” Supplier=\”supplier_1\” />
      <Product ProductId=\”item_4\” SupplierProductId=\”item_77\” Supplier=\”supplier_3\” />

      I need to Map the Suppliers from ProductMapping into the SalesOrder, so for this example the final result will be.

      <SalesOrder id=\”blah\”>
      <Item Id=\”item_1\” Quantity=\”7\” Supplier=\”supplier_1\” SupplierProductId=\”item_44\” />
      <Item Id=\”item_2\” Quantity=\”8\” Supplier=\”supplier_2\” SupplierProductId=\”item_55\” />
      <Item Id=\”item_3\” Quantity=\”9\” Supplier=\”supplier_1\” SupplierProductId=\”item_66\” />
      <Item Id=\”item_4\” Quantity=\”10\” Supplier=\”supplier_3\” SupplierProductId=\”item_77\” />

      Currently, I am looping all of the items in the SalesOrder and then looping all of the items in the ProductMapping and where a match is found, the Supplier and SupplierProductId information is added to a new copy of the SalesOrder.

      This method seems to be much more work than is needed, I tried setting up a map transform to accomplish this, but couldn’t get it to work, does any one know of a sample similar to this or a better method I could use to accomplish this?


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      If anyone else runs into this problem, here is the solution, pretty easy to implement.

      There is a sample in \”The Bloggers Guide To BizTalk V 1.8\”

      It’s under BizTalk Development > Maps > Mapping 2 Schemas with a 1:1
      relationship in the BizTalk 2004 Mapper


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