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      Xslt only supports a single input and single output message.
      Biztalk provides a trick to allow multiple input messages by concatenating multiple inputs into a single message. However there is no way of getting multiple outputs from an Xslt transform.

      Your options are:
      1. Debatching the message in a pipeline, although this is based on structure rather than content.
      2. Debatching inside an orchestration loop where message content can be used to determine debatching.

      Can you explain a bit more about what your requirements are, specifically what is the condition in the input file?

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      Stephen Thomas, the man behind this web site has produced a lot of good info on debatching.

      I would suggest that you start here:

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        Using a single map how to transform one xml input file to multiple output file with same schema depending on some condition in input xml file

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          There is element in input xml file called Special indicator under the record node, I want to create multiple set of output for different value of Special indicator.
          For example if input xml file contains five records three with special indicator * and the remaining two with blank special indicator.
          The out should contain two xml file one with three records and other with two record.

          I will be thankful to you, if you can provide me the detail of more resources about Debatching the message in pipeline and inside an orchestration loop.

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