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      I am working with a Covast ASC_X12_811_004_010_DEFAULT_X schema and have a question on mapping child records of the HL Hierarchical Level.

      The HL Hierarchical Level has these elements:
      Hierarchical ID Number
      Hierarchical Parent ID Number
      Hierarchical Level Code
      Hierarchical Child Code

      My destination schema has multiple records to map to:
      -Level- -Hierarchical Level Code-
      BillDetailLevel1 1
      BillDetailLevel2 4
      BillDetailLevel3 5,6, NOT 8
      BillDetailLevel3Leaf 8
      BillDetailLevel4 6,7, NOT 8
      BillDetailLevel4Leaf 8
      BillDetailLevel5 7
      BillDetailLevel5Leaf 8
      BillDetailLevel6Leaf 8

      As you can see BillDetailLevel3Leaf has the same level code as BillDetailLevel4Leaf. When mapping I can get the Parent ID Number but I really need the Parent Level Code. How would I determine the parent level in order to map to a particular destination record?

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