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      I would like to ask you about the problem when map fails on send port (BizTalk 2004).

      In case of map fails on send port I can see in Even Log that message was suspended.
      But when I use Health and Activity Tracking tool and look for suspended messages I can’t see anything.
      The problem is that message has Message Status ‘Delivered not consumed’ and Service Status: ‘Active’ set.
      So Message engine did not really suspend a message.

      Does anybody know how to solve this problem or if Microsoft has some patch to solve this issue?

      Thank you,

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      I don’t need to use orchestartion in my solution. The problem described is only on send port (not on receive port).

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        It does not matter of transport. I have file adapter set on send port.
        The strange is that in case of the the same map is set on receive port, there is a message correctly suspended in case of map failure.
        But as I wrote in previous mails in case of map is set on send port and map failure occurs, in Event log is written that message is suspended but actually message is not suspended in Message Box but has Message Status ‘Delivered not consumed’ and Service Status: ‘Active’ set.

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          I do not know if I have even mapped on the send port. Are you using delivery notification in the Orchestration? That might cause that problem since the ACK/NACK might never return. Is this a Two Way port?

          I would suggest moving it to the Orchestration were you have much more control over the errors and can react to them better.

          Hope this helps.

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            Are you using MSMQt? I think seen strange things with that – just like you described.

            You might have to manually suspend the message and reprocess it.

            Best of luck.

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              I think it is just a miss leading error message.

              I do not really like the way Biztalk 2004 handles the errors on the Send Port like that.

              I have not checked to see if 2006 is the same way.

              I do not know any better way to do it… other then not map on the send port or have a custom process to terminate the messages.

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