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      Ok.. I am using code to send items to a receive pipeline.

      I use a loop with:

      Then inside the loop I set the message with code as follows:
      FFMessage = null;

      Then I send it to a web service to be put into a database.

      When running the orch it selects and sends every other record. So for 10 records… I only get 5 into the database (and it is every other). I change the total count and it changes the records returned and is always every other.

      Its probably something stupid in my setup… but any suggestions? If I output the message to a folder on disk before it goes to the receive pipeline it has 10 records.. so I know its getting to the loop at least with proper counts.


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      I thought the same thing and could not find. The problem was resolved… it was an issue with to many fields defined.. so the LF/CR got put into a field rather than being processed.

      Thanks Anyways!

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        Sound like you might have two MoveNexts

        Are you getting the odd messages (1,3,5,7..) or the even ones

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