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      [quote:34eb34dfbe=\”pablos555\”]is there possibility to have loop, like ‘for’, inside expression? Any sample?[/quote:34eb34dfbe]


      It might be possible fidgeting with the XLANG/s syntax, but I wouldn’t normally recommend it. What do you need to do?

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      You can use a regular loop shape, and use the xpath function to do what you want. You might want to take a look at Stephen W Thomas’ sample on this:

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        is there possibility to have loop, like ‘for’, inside expression? Any sample?



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          It is a bit complicated – generally I have to make inserts into oracle db from biztalk 2004 without any third-party connector. So I have expression and call external code to do that. In my xml there are \”duplicated\” keys – like:

          <param1 val=\”1\”>
          <param1 val=\”2\”>

          I can not force biztalk to make me access to both <child> sections in my orchestration – whatever I try, i have access (via message, promoted fields, etc) only to one of them, not sure now, but probably the last one <child> section. So I think about parsing xml manually in external code (I know, its ugly) and my oracle stuff there. I thought about looping over my <child> section and call some method there, but if it is not so clear to have a loop, I could make everything in an external code.

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