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      We are doing a stree test of about 200 records. A Biztalk orch. starts by
      based on an SQL receive port that polls this databsae. We run an SQL update
      command to set the status flag on all 200 records, and away they go.

      All 200 orchestrations run, but at the end of the process, we find that our
      SQL receive port is disabled

      The receive location \”SQL://xxx/yyy\” is shutting down. Details:\”The error
      threshold has been exceeded. The receive location is shutting down.\”.

      Looking back in the log find this 4 warning messages that say this (but no
      error messages):

      The adapter \”SQL\” raised an error message. Details \”New transaction cannot
      enlist in the specified transaction coordinator. \”.

      Are there are any large volume or throughput issues with DTC?


      Neal Walters

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      Todd Uhl (a.k.a. SQL Adapter guy) suggested:

      I don’t know of any thresh hold with DTC. If there was, it wouldn’t be 200 records

      Might try changing the query to grab maybe the top 50 to chunk it up, but I bet that’s not the issue

      Probably has DTC issues anyway….bring in the network folks to sniff packets or something

Viewing 1 reply thread
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