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      First of all let me start by saying that I am following this example here …

      Now I have 2 SQL tables. PO_Header and PO_Details.
      The PO_Header generates a unique POID autoincrementing number.
      As a new record is inserted into PO_Details table it is given the POID from the PO_Header insert action – this basically links the information in the two tables.

      The PO_Details table has a column called LineNumber and it is populated by teh <LineNumber> tag in the Purchase Order that we receive from our client.

      Now this works – but it does do one very interesting thing …..

      The first inserted record of the PO_Details table inserts the number generated from the Primary key into the LineNumber column and not the lineNumber … now this is only for the first record, every record after that gets the LineNumber. And then when I receive another PO file the records are inserted and the first row gets the newly generated ID in the LineNumbers field but the records thereafter all get their appropriate LineNumbers….

      I know it sounds straange and it’s a bit difficult to describe but any advice would be appreciated.


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