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      Well, for starters Good Luck. Any BizTalk 2004 installation can be hard.

      I’d recommend reading the BizTalk 2004 Installation Guide on the Microsoft web site. It should list ALL the required software. It’s a rather large list.

      In general, you want the run time tools and admin tools on the server and the developer tools on the work stations.

      I have worked on projects in the past that just went ahead and put SQL and full BizTalk on the work stations. I find that a little easier to develop on and much easier to set up.

      Best of luck.

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      I typically try to put VS 2003 on the Dev Server. It’s not required – I just makes like easier. In BizTalk 2006, you can do everything in the Admin tool. In 2004, it is not the case. It is required on the workstations.

      Office, or at least Excel, it required on the server and workstations only if you are using and installing BAM.

      On the workstations, I think you just need the Developer Tools. Might want to make sure you get the Documentation and SDK as well. If using BAM – you might need one of the BAM pieces. I not sure on that.

      Hope this helps.

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        Hi everybody!

        We are going to install BizTalk 2004 on multiple computers. We have 1 server machine (free) and 2 workstations (for programmers). We have one administrator(me) and 2 programmers in my team. We have MS SQL server 2000, that already works, and Active Directory controller installed on another machine (Windows 2003).

        Can I install BizTalk server apparently from it`s developer tools for the purpose of working separately from programmists?

        What components I have to install on server machine and what components on workstations (workstations are for programmists)?

        Is there any prerequisites, I have to do?

        P.S. Step by step instruction would be preferable


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          Thanks for your advices.

          I have read Installation guide, but there are some moments, I could not understand.

          Do I have to install Visual Studio 2003 on server machine, or installing it on workstations is enough?

          Same question about MS Office.

          If I install VS.NET on workstations, what components of BizTalk server have to be installed on this workstations?

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