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      I have a message that go through for a transform to validate a schema, the problem is although that message is defined into the Contruct Shape, when I generate the solution appear this two errors about this message:

      error X2110: Use of Unconstructed Message ‘Mensaje_CR_Out’
      error X2180: ‘Mensaje_CR_Out’: the message is not inicializated in the construct instruct

      What is the cause of this???

      Thanx in advanced!!!

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      This is just a speculation.

      Is the construct under a decide statement, then after the decide statement you are trying to reference it? Think of scope in C#, if you define a variable under an if statement, then that variable is not available outside the if statement.

      I have had cases where I have to construct the message in the left side of an Decide shape/rule, then also build a dummy/empty message on the right side of the Decide shape (the else). The compiler doesn’t know which side of the decide shape will execute, and so both side have to construct the message, if you want to use the message after the decide shape.

      Hope that helps. If not, please provide more details.

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        Thank you for the answer! And sorry for the delay, I was in my few holidays this year 🙂

        But it’s not the problem, the construct shape is alone, no decisions before… I think about some problems with the schemas, is it possible?

        In any case all the schemas will change the next week therefore while I have not the full data, I won’t work more in this theme

        Thanks for all

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