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      Last week, al my message were mapped by using Message constructors and transforms.

      I tried to remove al those Message constructor by inbound and outbound mapping but I failed 🙄


      I have a Receive port (request – response) and a sent port (request – response).

      I receive the purchased item from the receive port, then I sent it to the send port, get a response from the send port and sent the response back to Receive port.

      My question is: I have to map the purchased item to a order that will be sent.
      Should I use the inboud mapping from the send port?

      I tried this, but I get: use of unconstructed message order.
      I works with Message constructor but not without them


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        Thanks, that worked! but the solution came with another problem.

        Because the port type is generated from a .asmx and then you can’t connect the send shape with the purchase message because its exspecting a message from the type Order.

        I thaught, I will create a port type that is not from .asmx but I will define the SOAP for the port.
        I set the transport type to SOAP and the URI to the .asxm.
        Then, for the proxy, I referred to .dll
        There, I went wrong.

        When I tested the project, I returned two errors:

        A message sent to adapter \”SOAP\” on send port \”BSA_SndOrderToWebshop_SOAP\” with URI \”http://localhost/OrderSysteem/Service.asmx\” is suspended.
        Error details: Failed to load \”\” type.
        Please verify the fully-qualified type name is valid.
        Details: \”\”.
        The type must derive from System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.
        The type must have the attribute System.Web.Services.WebServiceBindingAttribute.


        it could not correlate the request and response message.
        I would be glad I you know the answer on the first error message.

        Greetings 😀

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      Sounds like you are still sending the Order message from your orchestration. But the order message is not created until after the map on the send port.

      You need to send the Puchase Item message to the send port, the order message is no longer constructed in the orchestration.

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